About us


Programes europeus: Joan Carles Ayer.

About us

IES Cap de Llevant is located in Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. With a population of approximately 95000 inhabitants, the island is known for its collection of megalithic stone monuments (navetes, taules and talaiots) and it was designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 because of its biological diversity and its balanced approach to conservation and human use of the natural environment.

Founded in 1995, IES Cap de Llevant is the youngest secondary school in Maó, and yet it has experienced the highest demand growth among families and students over the last years because our Bilingual Programs in Secondary Education both in post compulsory education, where a few electives are taught in English, and in the compulsory secondary education levels where the school holds an agreement since 1998 with the British Council Program, reinforcing their English level by using CLIL methodology and teaching one third of our curriculum in this language. As part of this project we have also established a yearly school exchange with high schools in the UK (Salisbury) and during this last year we have also participated in the first exchange with a German school.

Our school offers both general and vocational education and with more than 950 students enrolled and 103 teachers (21 specialized in VET) IES Cap de Llevant offers:

Compulsory secondary education (523 including 204 students that participate in the British Council Endorsement Program in these compulsory secondary education levels)

Post-compulsory education (148)

Vocational training courses (Expert and Advanced Expert) (283)

We also offer an introduction program for those students under 18 who arrive with no knowledge of Catalan or Spanish and need to achieve a basic level before they can totally adjust to a national program and special secondary education for students with physical or mental needs.

Our VET courses

Focusing on our VET courses, the school offers full and part-time study programs and courses within the four following areas:

IMP- Personal Image

Technician in Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetics

2) SAN – Health

Expert in Auxiliary Nursery Care

3) SSC – Sociocultural & Community Services

Expert in Assistance to People in Need of Care

Advanced Expert in Pre-Primary Education

4) AFD – Physical & Sporting Activities

Expert in the conduct of physical and sport activities in a natural environment

Advanced Expert in Animation of physical and sports activities

Our center also organizes, since its creation, continuing training actions mostly for self-workers or private sector workers that may have very specific necessities. These tailor made trainings are adapted to the needs of the group company or public organization that asks for it and usually are coordinated by the Ministry of Labor.

IES Cap de Llevant is focused on creating the best educational programmes possible for students to match the skills and personal competences required nowadays in the different sectors. The school tries its best to keep the staff up to date in their professional and pedagogical skills by encouraging more extended use ICT tools, language learning and new pedagogical techniques in our lessons.


Our center encourages the integration and self-respect to all our students, from whatever gender or origin and so is established in our coexistence rules. We ensure equal. Access and opportunities to mobile participants from all backgrounds.

We have a mediation team that helps solving possible problems. The center can also help students with a precarious economical situation at home, helping them to accomplish the same activities as the rest of their partners.

Foreign students that do not speak our language get a special help to integrate as soon as possible into our activities.


Our priority is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in accordance with the needs of society and labor market creating a suitable environment for the students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and ethical principles required for the personal and professional growth.

Currently our main goal considering the projects is to encourage cooperation with international partners to implement students and teachers exchanges.

We want to have stronger bonds and more cooperation with labor market  to ensure that our VET students learn the latest skills, transit easier and faster to working life and also finish their studies in time.

It is with pride we do our utmost to offer to all our students the possibility to take part in different international projects i.e. student mobility, work placement abroad, hosting students from other partner schools or by studying any international or intercultural aspect and perspective “at home” as part of our curriculum.